Why should I seek the care of a naturopath? What training does a naturopath have? How are they different from conventional doctors?  What medicine do they use?  What type of tests do they use? 

A naturopath can help find natural alternatives to almost all ailments and health concerns, but even more so just improve general health and well-being of patients.

Naturopaths are trained in nutrition, herbal medicine, counseling, and a variety of health testing methods to assist in getting to the root of your health problems. Health problems generally have underlying issues, and I take care and patience in working through these to help you obtain optimum health.

Qualified Naturopaths have been through many years of training, including at a very minimum a University degree; licensed to treat the health conditions affecting you or your family. You can read more about me and my methodology here. A naturopath needs to be part of a recognized association approved by the government, and must have professional insurance, current first aid, appropriate qualifications and have attended educational seminars to keep up to date with the latest research and information which I pride myself in.

A Naturopath uses and natural therapies such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, diet and lifestyle advice to assist in healing, with minimal, if any side effects.

Naturopaths take into consideration your current conventional doctors advice (where applicable) including blood tests, pharmaceutical medicine and may look to integrate natural remedies to boost your health or assist in relieving your ailments.  The result is creating a treatment plan which is specifically tailored to a patient’s individual health needs.

Many people self medicate.  They use ‘Dr Google’ and go to the health food store and buy remedies that may or may not be effective for their condition. By seeing a naturopath you will get the right natural supplement that is safe and effective for you.

In this day and age more and more research is proving the efficacy of natural therapies, and better still – the minimal side effects they have.

Depending your private health care coverage you can claim your naturopath visit from your private health fund.