I came to see Karen around 2 years ago when my mum's health was deteriorating due to a number of health issues.As of today my mother's health has improved considering she is 80yrs old. My whole family is grateful to Karen for where mum is today with her health. Karen is professional & very passionate about helping people & I should also say very patient. Cannot recommend her enough.

Corporate Designer Sydney

Donna Adolfson

I first consulted Karen Morris when I discovered I had a cholesterol reading of 8.4 and my doctor was considering placing me on medication. I was also suffering from frequent headaches. Karen started me on a treatment plan that resulted in a new cholesterol reading of 5.3 after three months. I am continuing treatment to bring this down even further. I have also had a substantial reduction in the frequency and severity of headaches and a drop in weight, which was an added bonus.


Since consulting with Karen at Just For Your Health my general well-being has reached a level that I never thought could be achieved. Specific medical problems that had been ongoing over the years have been solved with a natural alternative. My zest for life has returned and seasonal ailments are a thing of the past. I am thrilled with the results Karen has provided and highly recommend this practice to the healthy and not so healthy. The results will speak for themselves.


Margaret Gallagher

I was miserable. Menopause can be a very challenging time –mood swings, sleeplessness, weight gain, irritability, hot flushes, heavy periods. I tried hormone replacement but ended up putting on weight and listless. I got in touch with Karen at Just For Your Health and made an appointment. I could not have met a more caring, interested naturopath and she managed to relieve all my symptoms. I feel terrific and lots of people are always telling me how good I look. I particularly like the ongoing care. Sometimes a different problem emerges, like high cholesterol, joint pain and I am able to get really good advice and treatment from Karen. Apart from the fact that I feel great, what I like is the treatment of my whole self, not just a medical diagnosis based on my symptoms.