How Vitamins & Supplements can improve your health

You exercise, you eat right, you don’t smoke and you try to keep eating to a minimum? Tick to all those boxes (and even those you don’t)! As a naturopath who has treated many patients over the years, have seen the positive effects vitamins herbs and supplements can help the healthiest to the unhealthiest. In fact, it is my aim to get you to the optimal health and keep you there to lead a healthier happier and longer life.


Whilst the best way for us to get all the nutrients we need on a daily basis is through food, as the world becomes increasingly busy and so do our lives. We struggle to it all in; family, friends, work, exercise and everything in between – and health more often than not suffers. In my professional opinion, the best way to achieve the best health is by eating 5 small meals a day, but many of my patients I find struggle to find it struggle to meet 3! And lets not forget the daily Intake guides for a middle ages male is servings of 8-10 of vegetables, 8 of grain products 2 of meats and proteins and 2 of meat and dairy. Vitamins, supplements and here to assist and maintain optimum health – and although they should never take the place of eating as much of the good foods that are important to a healthy diet, they are a great way to support what you are eating and practicing.


A lot of people are surprised to find out how beneficial natural remedies and supplements can be to assist in treatment of common ailments everyone suffers such as headaches, migraines, joint pains to more complex issues of stress, anxiety and many mental health issues without the use of prescriptive medication with can cause major side effects. In my many years of treatment, I and never surprised when I hear “I’ve tried everything, I’ve been to see many specialists” only to find natural remedies work best with the body.


Taking vitamins and supplements earlier in life may also reduce the risk of health issues (and expensive treatments later in life). These include osteoporosis, arthritis, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. And if you are already suffering from any of these, its never too late to start turning things around.


The best way to know exactly what supplements could assist you, is to speak to a qualified naturopath. Always be honest about your health concerns and ask all the questions you can – we love sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience to impart the best advice to you. Nothing makes up happier than helping a patient achieve their health goals, and make the most of their lives.


Naturally, I am here to help and available for phone of skype consultations or face to face from my office located in Rozelle all at your convenience. I am also available via email for simple product recommendations on common ailments . I look forward to helping you achieve your happy, healthier, longer life.


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